Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Well and truly wireless

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Normal service is now resumed! The reason for my recent absence is connected with today's photograph, though I must reassure anyone with a fertile imagination that I am still in possession of all my limbs. However, the pruning of my very large willow tree, despite it being done with great skill, care and attention, resulted in my telephone line being severed, and the absence of the umbilical cord connecting me to the wider world stemmed my flow of blog posts. But, as the old saying goes, "it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good", and during my period of purdah I did some more photography, delved deeper into my photo processing software, and tinkered a touch with the way I present each image. I thought I'd give the "matted" look a try for a while.

As far as the willow goes, my magnificent arching tree that supported a wealth of wildlife and cast shade over the stream, a lawn and a border, has been turned into a sculpture resembling a gnarled, upturned arm and hand: something that looks like an entry for the Turner Prize rather than an arboreal delight. I reconcile myself to the loss by reflecting that it won't be long before it starts to produce shoots and leaves, and its reinvigorated growth will soon make it a fine specimen once more. Of all trees, willow is one of the hardest to keep down.

My photograph shows a contractor shaping one of the willow's main boughs.

photograph and text (c) T. Boughen

Camera: Canon
Mode: Aperture Priority
Focal Length: 191mm
F No: 7.1
Shutter Speed: 1/200
ISO: 200
Exposure Compensation: -0.67 EV
Image Stabilisation: On