Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another template change

Another day, another template change. The issue with text wrapping (or not wrapping) around the images prompts me to try this "stretch" template that adjusts to the size of the browser window. Now, if I can find a way of posting the full size image in place of the smaller vesion that Blogger posts, so that I can do away with people having to click to see the larger photograph, then I'll have achieved something. There is, apparently, a way of doing it by modifying the html of the post template, but life's too short for that sort of under-the-bonnet tinkering! I'll continue my search for an easier method.

I've found a way of uploading large images, but with a width of 800 pixels (the size I use) the text wrapping problem is re-introduced!!! I'll need to think a bit more about this.