Friday, April 03, 2009

Template tinkering

Someone recently drew my attention to the fact that the template I've used for the past few months doesn't display the text correctly in conjunction with a photograph posted in landscape format. This only happens with Internet Explorer. What happens is that it sorts the first few words into lines of one letter each on the right of the photograph until the bottom is reached, after which the formatting is fine.

Being a long-term Firefox user I was blissfully unaware of this. It must have been affecting quite a few people since IE is still the most widely used browser. Consequently I've switched to one of Blogger's default templates that doesn't have this problem. I'm not especially keen on it, but it will have to do until I find a better solution.

Nothing's straightforward is it? The problem I set out to cure is fixed, but a new one is introduced. On this template IE (even with v.8) inserts a big space between the images in a post that has two photographs: Firefox continues to display correctly. More evidence of Microsoft's desire to make the rules of the web rather than follow the internationally agreed standards.