Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A short intermission

As they used to say in the cinema after the B movie and before the main feature, "Ladies and gentlemen there will be a short intermission." However, you needn't worry, I won't be walking around selling ice-cream and popcorn by torch light.

This morning my computer's internal hard drive died. To be more accurate it went up in smoke. Not a lot of smoke admittedly, but enough to notice and enough to make a stink in my study. I've ordered a replacement, and when it arrives I'll be engaged in the joyless task of re-installing the operating system, loading my programs, installing hardware drivers, etc. My backup procedures saved most of my data, but inevitably I lost a few recent, not very important bits and pieces.

I could carry on blogging using my second desktop or the laptop, but I'm going to take this opportunity to spend some time tidying up the older machine. It is in pretty much the state it was when it was superseded, and, with a bit of work I can free up some space and speed it up a touch as well. If things go well in that department I may start posting from it (as I did before I built my new machine) in a couple of days time. In any event this intermission should not be too long.