Monday, January 23, 2006

Tricky cyclist

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Suppose you're the star of the local skateboard and BMX park. Suppose you can leap into the air, rotate through three hundred and sixty degrees, and return whence you came. Suppose you can whizz up a banana-shaped ramp, loop-the-loop and land on a mirror image ramp, then casually free-wheel onto a raised platform to the acclaim of watching friends and fans. If you can do all that, what challenge is there left in life?

Well, you could pedal like hell, hurtle into the air and zip over the top of a flagpole with a large ball fixed on it.

And the only way you could top that - absolutely the only way - is to do it again with a sea-gull perched on your bum! Like this guy did. Near the pier in Southport. And I'm pleased to say I snapped him in his moment of triumph!
photograph & text(c) T. Boughen